Saturday, June 30

Women Being Allowed to be Women

Now, before you get the wrong idea, I think I should be honest: I respect feminists, their point of view and lifestyle. But there's an extreme side to everything, right? It usually doesn't end up pretty. It's okay to want independence as a woman. I have no problem with women who prefer going without make up and choosing a career in the field of law, medics or politics over having children. To each their own.

However, political preferences (including conservative and liberal parties) are just as prone to being an invader of personal space as religion is. Not to say all religious or politically involved people try to impose their beliefs on people, just the people that do can come across as overbearing.

 My own grandmother, quite the opinionated woman she is, told me a few years back, that once I am out in the world as a woman I must only trust myself in having a stable home, family, and provided finances. That I must go out and get that college degree, and anyone that relies on someone else to take care of them is a fool. A bit of an extremist example, yes we have all heard worse, but I think you get the point.

Is it not steering away from feminism to force women into yet another gender role? You'd think a true feminist would want women to make their own choices, whether that be the role of a housewife or a career woman. What if a woman doesn't want to be a traditional feminist, but wants to feel feminine, in her own way? By her decision? This isn't the 1950's anymore. Women are allowed many other options than just being confined to the house caring for children, cleaning, and having dinner on the table whenever her husband gets home from work. Since us women have the option now to provide for our families or stay at home, shouldn't it be respected that some of us make a choice; career or not?

Only the women who crave to give up control to a masculine force can comprehend what it's like to want to be...somewhat of a girl again. Some women feel feminine putting on a business suit and others enjoy being damsels in distress. It certainly didn't harm women in the past, other than being less protected by domestic abuse laws. 

There's nothing more mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and sexually satisfying to this type of woman than a power exchange. When I know I'm serving my man properly, I feel like my soul has been completed. When I feel soft, disciplined, and youthful, "helpless" sounds more like "blessing" to my ears.

Being taken in a man's hand is giving in full trust, intimate abilities, and partial responsibility as an adult. With the right man being Head of Household, there are no cons, simply love and life's other challenges to character strengthening. 

If someone were to think I was "oppressing" myself by doing housework and obeying my husband, they should realize that nothing makes me happier. Being oppressed to someone often means joy to another. If men were once thought to "wear the pants" in marriage, I think I'll wear my skirt proudly.

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  1. Hello, there! I accidentally found your blog today and I particulary like this post. I hope you don t mind my comment:D
    It is very interesting,and i couldn t agree more. Every women should have the freedom to decide what is best for her or what works best for her family and especially what makes her happy.
    Personally, if I have to choose myself, i would say family and carrer, if it works.