Saturday, July 7

Interview With Bonnie

I decided to interview Bonnie via email. I hope you guys enjoy reading:

1. How long have you practiced Domestic Discipline with your HoH?
I wouldn't characterize our relationship as DD, at least not in the conventional sense.  I'm not big fan of labels because people often treat them as prescriptive rather than descriptive (for example, a true follower of DD or whatever would never do x).   I believe that each relationship must grow and evolve organically.  Labels, if applicable, may be applied after the fact to explain, so long as they don't constrain.

I think Randy and I are probably closer to D/s than DD, but neither is a good fit.  Our relationship is one that has changed through years of trial, error, success, and compromise.  I am submissive and I follow his direction, though more in the bedroom than elsewhere.  Around the house, we each have our responsibilities and take charge of them.  He has my blanket consent to spank when he believes it necessary or helpful or convenient or fun.  I almost always accept his judgment in such matters, though I retain the right to postpone a spanking when circumstances require it.

We spank for many reasons - Stress relief, reconnection, play, foreplay, just because, preventative maintenance, and more.  What's missing from this list is a key element of domestic discipline - punishment.  It's not a part of our real life dynamic.  I'm 54 years old and very responsible.  He doesn't evaluate my behavior.  Nor do I evaluate his.  I think if I disappointed him in some major way, we'd probably talk through it and come to a resolution.  There might be a spanking involved, but it wouldn't be punishment for misdeeds.  This is how he wants it.

With that said, I've been fascinated with traditional corporal punishment scenes since childhood.  We have many rituals and they are a huge turn-on for me.  He knows just which words to say to launch me into that headspace. 

We've been together since the late 1970s and we've spanked regularly almost from the very beginning.  We took a break for about a year in the 1980s while I was pregnant.  That too was his idea.

2. Did you start DD before or after you were married?
Before, with the caveat above

3. What is your least favorite/most painful spanking implement you have experienced?
We've experimented with all many of ill-conceived implements and pervertibles (vanilla objects adapted for spanking).  The worst was probably a homemade rubber paddle/strap thing.  It turned my skin red almost instantly.

4. Have you experienced other punishments besides spanking and corner time?

As described above, we don't punish in the sense that a DD couple might.  We do corner time, occasional restraint, and employ a variety of toys.
5. Do you always receive bare bottom spankings or does it depend on how offensive your behavior was?
Even if spankings don't start out on my bare bottom, they virtually always end up that way.

6. How would your HoH react if you wore revealing clothing in public? Would you get punished for it?
Honestly, I think he'd love it.  He adores my curvy body and thinks I should show it off more than I do.

7. What form of DD do you practice? Is it for religious reasons? A Taken in Hand dynamic? 1950's household?
Ours is a hybrid to be sure.

8. Do you think DD helps you explore your feminine side more deeply?
That's an intriguing question worthy of an entire blog post.  I'm not one who believes that females are inherently inferior.  We are smaller, but we are not less.

With that said, my submissive side is often expressed through softness and femininity.  So, speaking only for myself, I guess my answer is a qualified yes.

9. Does your HoH use maintenance spankings or does he believe in spankings as punishments only?

As described above, we use spankings for everything except true punishment.  We have a standing date on Friday evenings for what some might call a maintenance spanking.  It's usually the most severe spanking of the week and it serves to recalibrate and reconnect us.  This session often starts out serious and ends with us laughing in bed.  Afterward, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
10. Have you received a figging during a spanking?
No, but my husband would like to try it sometime.  We own a plug that is used on occasion.

11. What is your opinion on enema punishment? Are you neutral about it, or unsure?
That's not our kink.  We prefer spankings.

12. Do you enjoy the Daddy/little girl dynamic or the mere fantasy of it?
For us, spanking, whatever the purpose, always has a sexual element.  That is incompatible with a parent/child relationship.  We do roleplay, but the focus is quite different.

13. Do you think crying by the end of a spanking is essential in a fully effective punishment?
Absolutely not.  Crying is an individual thing.  I'm the one who sobs at the kids' movie when the dog dies.  But paddle my bottom and tears are hard to come by.  It's just a part of how we're wired.

14. Does your HoH firmly believe in privacy during punishment? 

15. Has he spanked you in front of others or in public?
Yes, but not in any serious way.

Personal Questions:

1. Does your HoH have a special name he calls you when you're in trouble? (i.e. Little Miss or Young Lady?)
He has several names including my full name, Missy, and Young Lady.

2. Do you keep spanking separate from the bedroom or do you find it an erotic act as well as discipline?
Whatever the intent, every spanking has an erotic element.

3. What is the most intimate spanking position you've been in that made you feel the most connected to your Husband?
That's almost two questions.  The most intimate might be a wheelbarrow variant where I lie face down on top of him.  My spread legs go beneath his arms and my bottom (and other parts) are close to his face.  I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to visualize why this position is so intimate. :)
The spanking position that makes me feel most connected is the traditional over the lap position.  I've been across his lap a thousand times before and it's familiar.  When I'm there, even the unavoidable pain is welcome.  He know just what to do to set me right.  At those moments, my love for him is so strong I would do almost anything he asks.

I hope your readers enjoy these questions and answers!


Monday, July 2

My Conclusion on Diapers

Alright, I was caught a little off guard when I read those stories about married women in diapers...but I didn't give myself much time to really think about it before I posted my thoughts. Ever since I read about diaper punishment, I've been pondering over it a little excessively.

I think diaper punishment can wrap three benefits all in one. The first part is obvious; teaching the wife that her behavior was too childish and if she is to behave like a toddler she will be treated like one. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is probably the same reason parents used it on their kids (though it's extremely controversial on whether that method is emotional abuse or not with most people). Anyway, since Domestic Discipline is between two consenting adults; the wife is a grown woman and fully understands her punishment without confusion and deep emotional trauma, I don't see much malice in administering such an embarrassing punishment. It might be a lot different than spanking and other traditional HOH disciplinary techniques, but it gets the lesson taught so well.

Now that I brought up lesson teaching, the second benefit of this type of discipline is part of a little double entendre I found to make this work particularly well. The wife learns how childish she has been acting and knows that it is up to her on how she wants to be treated. The other lesson I found as I looked more into diaper discipline seemed to be more felt with the heart than with the mind. A Husband taking his own time to diaper his wife not only shows that he will discipline her whenever necessary, but also that he cares about her. Its purpose is to leave an embarrassing reminder and make her feel protected under his rules. It reinforces that special feeling a wife gets after almost all of her punishments, that she is under his care and he will never leave her side. I think that double entendre I mentioned serves as less of a painful punishment, but more of a reminder; like mouth soaping and corner time. Although diaper discipline is a little more elaborate.

Finally, diaper discipline is a form of grounding. It keeps the wife under restrictions for several days to a month and keeps her more submissive for a longer period of time. The best part about this that I see fit is how it gives the wife time to think about what she's done to displease her HOH. Kind of like a big chunk of corner time, come to think of it. While she is being diapered, embarrassed, and babied, the misbehavior really sets in. When the diapering is over, she's happier than ever to get toilet privileges back and to drink out of a glass like a grown up. She knows what will happen if she continues to act like a toddler, and is less likely to do it again any time soon.

Saturday, June 30

Thank You

I wanted to take my chance to thank everyone before signing off and going to bed. I created my blog a striking six days ago, not even a week and my blog now has 1,000 views and counting. I want to publicly thank Bonnie from My Bottom Smarts (you can find the link to her blog in my blog roll, please click on it). I got a big traffic spike after she listed me on her blog roll.

Thank you to my few followers and subscribers. Thanks to everyone who took the chance to read my blog, even if you didn't end up liking it, I appreciate it.

I apologize if I don't get the chance to post everyday. Joseph has given me a lot of errands to run since he's been so busy himself at his job in Dodge Ridge. (Not that I'm complaining at all.)