Friday, June 29

He Makes Her Wear Diapers???

I was surfing experience project today and looking through different groups of Domestic Discipline. There were so many stories to read and so many that wanted to share. I even joined a few myself.

Then I came across a group called "I Make My Wife Wear Diapers." It can be found here if you want to see what I'm talking about:

 There were about four stories posted, some more elaborate than others. The one that caught my attention was this young, 19 year old wife who was diapered and babied for a month by her Husband/"Daddy." I have never heard of anything like this used in Domestic Discipline marriage. I'm so stumped and still trying to figure out my own opinion on this.

As you might have read on my previous post:
I am a believer in alternative punishment methods, particularly with verbal and juvenile misbehavior, but perhaps diaper discipline is a little too juvenile?

I'm not the one to judge on what punishments and rules are established by individual Head of Households, but this is just so shocking to me. Of course, I could be wrong, maybe these are simply fictional stories posted by fantasizing fetishists. Or, maybe not.

Husbands, wives, fiances, lovers who practice Domestic Discipline: have you ever used diaper discipline? How embarrassing was it for the wives receiving it? Was it more or less effective than spanking and corner time? Did you still administer spankings and corner time during the diaper punishment? How long did the punishment last?

I know, I ask a lot of questions but this really struck my curiosity. If you have experience or knowledge of this, please, do comment.

I feel sort of stuck on what to think of this. Part of me says it's too juvenile, the other part is telling me...maybe being put in diapers really could set a valid point for the wife. "Act like a baby, be treated like one." Right?

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  1. Have used diapers on my wife when she has acted very childish. She is more concerned about being caught with diaper on then ever having a friend realize she's been spanked. She also is embarassed as it sexually excites her.

    1. Really? Hmm, well you learn something new everyday! I'll bet..I would be embarrassed being caught in diapers too. It sounds like an effective punishment for your wife. Congrats on finding a new way to discipline her. Has diaper punishment worked better on her than spankings?

    2. yes, diaper discipline is real. diaper discipline is like as horrid as witchcraft. i have been preaching against diaper discipline via internet for like since april 2013. and theres no reason for a man or woman to discipline his/her spouse.
      and diaper discipline is abusive. Evan age 15

    3. you get punished when you are children. in my opinion a husband/wife that that punishes their spouse is a commiter of sex abuse. i belive diaper discipline is a kinda child/sex abuse.

    4. Hell Ya From Nc!!!!!

  2. My wife keeps me in diapers 24/7. I am her total slave. I am responsible to change my own diapers but only when she allows me. We use cloth at home and disposable away. After washing my cloth diapers and baby pants I have to hang them on a cloths line outside so any visitors know the diapers belong to me.

    1. I wish U could find a woman who would keep me in diapers

  3. as an adult bed wetter my wife insists on diapering me at home. this actually makes me feel safer because she used to give me big spanking whenever i wet myself. now she lays me down on my back and changes me. it feels so wonderful when she is pulling on me and cleaning me up. all i can do is say 'i love you' over and over again. i sure hope she believes me. she likes to change me when her mom or her girlfriends are over. this used to embarrass me lot but now when she tells me to spread my legs or pull my knees under my chin i open up as much as i can because i want her to be proud of me. i love my wife/mommy so much. i have the best mommy in the whole world and being diapered is alot better than getting spanked.

  4. I have my own DD blog


  5. My husband keeps me in nappies all the time, purely as a control thing to keep me in my place. I understand that he is my owner so I accept it.

  6. My husband is a very loving but firm man. He doesnt like waking up in a wet bed or me wetting my pants in public so i am diapered 24/7. pull up style diaper for daytime and full thick diapers at night. at first i was horrified at the thoughts of this when he told me i was going to have to wear something. i was shy and embarassed and i fought it a lot. this ended up in me having a sore ass more than once :( i may sulk about it but i lay down oh the bed and just relax while im being diapered for bed. its actually quite a safe feeling knowing that if i wet myself he will take care of me. he takes such good care of me and does his best to make me happy. my husband is firm, and a wife should always be put in their place. i think that if this is the punishment that makes a wife listen then it should be used. besides, its better than having your pants pulled down and being pulled over his knee in front of everyone... which is really embarassing for me on the occasions that it still happens when i have been particularly naughty bcoz he doesnt care who is around. ill be pulled over his knee, pants pulled down and wet diaper thrown on the floor for all to see if i choose to act poorly. i try not to do this but i do need to be kept in line still :(

    1. What do you say to those who think he is a barbarian and you are brainwashed?

  7. My husband diapers me when I am naughty. He uses the mindset, "If you act like a baby, I'll treat you like one." It is purely for discipline purposes and is extremely embarrassing. Personally, I think this method corrects my behavior better than spankings because it is not over and done. It is a steady and ongoing reminder to behave. For example, last weekend we were out with some friends and chose to throw a tantrum in front of everyone. I was name calling and throwing things and now I realize my behavior was completely unacceptable. Right after I acted out my husband took me straight home and gave me a lecture. I knew it was coming and I dreaded every second of it. He went and got a diaper and placed it under my bottom and that was that. Because this was rather an extreme case, my husband did take away bathroom privileges. He typically doesn't restrict this punishment but in this case, he found it warranted. Now I am in a diaper until next Wednesday. It's day 3 out of 10. Also, I know you were asking about the rules and stuff involved. I am not allowed to change my diaper and must use the diaper for all bathroom needs. Sometimes if it isn't quite all bathroom privileges, he will just make me use the diaper for liquids. I am not allowed to ask for a diaper change but he checks me four times a day. (At every meal and before bed) We use Bambino diapers and we use the baby kind, not the training pants. Since we started the diapers two years ago, our relationship has grown stronger and I probably get the diaper punishment about once every two months. They have been as short as one diaper to bed to as long as diapers for 3 weeks. Anyways, hope this helps!

  8. Hi Ava
    We used diaper discipline on and off over the years but 15 months ago my wife agreed to full time diapering and that was that, she has no choice in the matter at all and our toilet door is locked to her all the time.
    It has made a huge difference to our lifestyle and she has become an even more stay at home wife than she was, I do not treat her at all like a baby, she is an adult and is expected to behave like one (I never married a child and dont want one now!).
    One of the biggest things she likes is the feeling of security it gives her and while I certainly wouldn't say she is in love with her situation she copes well and has become quite accustomed to the restriction on her and I guess the fact that she agreed rather than being forced made a difference.
    On the domestic front she is much more disciplined and our relationship has certainly become much more stable since we made this happen, we like to refer to it as our little secret and she seems proud of the fact that she is prepared to do this for her man.

  9. I am a professional woman in my 50's. My husband thinks that my being kept in diapers most of the time is my ultimate gift of submission to him. I do like giving this gift. Our friends know, but think it is medical.

    I will never poop around friends, but out with just Hubby, I will do it often and he absolutely loves to watch me do it, to watch me walk, sit, and function with that in my diaper.

    I stay totally stealth, no one ever notices. Good diapers, plastic panties over them and control top pantyhose under a loose fitting skirt or dress keeps me confident most all the time.

  10. Thanks for you comment, you sound like my wife who also gives me the gift of being a kept in diapers wife and enjoys her situation most of the time.

  11. I see it where if she is acting like she is an infant, put a diaper on her. I have read where some husbands and boyfriends have made them use a pacifier, crawl, sleep in a crib, use a height chair, be fed baby food, and even have to suck their thumb and messing in their diaper and spanked for it. So how do you process that in your mind?

  12. I don't think the diaper thing is LDD. It's a fetish. LDD at least PRETENDS to be about correcting bad habits & attitudes. Obviously, 24/7 diapering is not in any way a teaching experience.

  13. Are these statements true. Or just true in the mind? I have never seen any husband diaper discipline their wife. Strange.

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  15. i LOVE DIAPERS but am simultaneously totally abjectly HUMILIATED by them. It definitely makes me behave, when i am put into (crinkley disposables diapers) as it takes me WAYYY back to my toddler-ness or whatever the proper term is. I was a bit older when i stopped wearin' em during the day, i think I liked them but didn't understand why and when mommy made me stop wearin' em that mildly "tramatized"(?) me, in that I would wet myself a lot and would (according to her) throw a tantrum when she'd try to change me out of my wet clothes. So I went back in diapers for another year or so? I'd have to ask. It was in preschool. By kindergarten - actually at least a year before, i didn't wear diapers anymore but whoa... i DIGRESS!! (ADHD - i guess i DO have it!)
    in my roundabout way i am sayin' it makes me feel like i am "safe", to be DIAPERED, and if someone else puts it on me I feel LOVED 2. COnversely, I also feel humiliated as well as dependent, but dependent in such a way that I want more than anything to PLEASE whoever is punishing me. SO in that regard it does have a positive effect on my behavior/misbehavior...and it "teaches me a lesson" and is punishing because several times w/my now EX BF, I broke into streaming tears simply from a very LIGHT wussy spankin' (he never would whup me hard enough) followed by a diapering. The tears didn't come til he'd SCOLD me and or make me go to the corner and tel me what a "Bad Girl" I am... that phrase (flashbacks I guess) combined w/the diapers...I often (usually) cry from shame.

  16. I'm 28 and will admit I have a diaper fetus get myself. My wife didn't mind this and sometimes would join in changing me etc. I would never wear them to work, in public or while my daughter was home And when I indulged I was a lot more complacent, receptive and loving towards her needs. With out them I was a self centered "fucking douche" to say the least. This past month my wife realized this as our relationship of 10 years was on the verge of total collapse she decided she's wanted me to stay in diapers 24/7 as well and chastity training. she would assume power and become dominant in our relationship and she would have total control over any and all changes and stimulation I received which has honestly made our relationship stronger than it ever has been. We communicate now which I have NEVER been able to do in my life about personal issues etc. I place her needs at the forefront our love life which was none existent has flourished and just all around things are 100xs better than before. The transition wasn't to hard because I already enjoyed them the biggest hurdle was the wearing in all the places I avoided because j was scared of discover and getting used to a chastity cage. But I've over come both of those and am more than happy with my established role. As far as our daughter I am still the dominant figure while she's present and we take every possible precaution to ensure she doesn't discover and thing. So safe to say diaper dicipline works great for my family. It might not suit everyone but who knows until you try!? It has absolutely nothing to do the pedophilia or anything of that nature the people who suggest that are extreeeemly ill informed ass clowns. Good luck to those who venture this route.

    1. Diaper fetish****^^^^

      -original poster

  17. I only allow my wife to use the toilet once in the morning when we first wake and again in the early evening. The rest of the time she has to hold it or use the diaper.

    We were having an evening out when she said she had to ask special permission.

    What for I asked.
    I need to do number 2 she said.
    Can't you hold it I said.
    I have been she responded. I don't think I can make it.
    I said you know this is why we have the cane.
    She nodded. I'm really trying.
    I said "ok we will go home"
    She said "can't I just go to the toilet"
    I said "go stand by the door while I pay the bill".
    I went to the cashier and paid for the partially eaten meal.
    We walked to the car.
    I asked "have you done it yet"
    She said "no I thought we were going home"
    I said "I thought you were desperate"
    She said "I am"
    I said "we will stand here while you do it"
    She looked shocked. "Go on" I said.
    She said she could hold it till we got home. I said in that case we will go for a walk along the river and look at the city lights.

    I took her by the hand and we started to walk. "Please no not this" I ignored her and pulled her by the hand. We actually walked for about 10 minutes before she stopped.

    She put her hands across her chest and held her opposite shoulders and started to sob. I could tell she had lost it and was filling her diaper.

    Through her tears she said "It's done like you wanted".

    I took her hand and walked her back to the car. 10 minutes. She sat slowly onto the seat. I wondered if the poo was going to be squashed out the waist of the nappy.

    20 minute drive home and I could smell her.

    At home I lifted her dress and inspected her and some shit had oozed out and was on the inside of her dress.

    Told her to go clean up and take a shower then stay naked and assume the position. She was shivering and sobbing.

    I came into our bed room and she was naked bent over with hands on the bed.

    I picked up the cane and gave her one hard stoke and she collapsed screaming. I warned her to get back in position and maintain self control.

    10 good hard strokes later and she was sobbing, gasping for air and shaking.

    Laid her on the bed and fucked her.

    When I was finished I said "what do you say" and she responded "I'm so sorry sir I will try to do better"

    Tomorrow we will start to mark bowel movements on a chart and use a suppository if needed

  18. Ava, do you really believe any of this or are you just bored and wishing you could have these imganiary "disciplines"?

  19. I wish my husband would discipline me. Yes I'm an adult, but I still disobey, whine, and pout. I do not mind diapers for punishment. Sometimes I'm seated in the back seat of our car because I get stressed out in heavy traffic,we live in California. I wish he would seat belt me in my seat, though. I do suck my thumb from time to time he does not like it. It comforts me when I'm tired.
    Anyway, just my own thoughts. Maybe there are other wives who desire the same or similar treatment from their husbands.

  20. When i was 16,i got into trouble two weeks before my sacrement of confirmation and lied to my parents and was throwing temper tattrums etc.Per the parish dress code,us girls had to wear a poofy,white,short sleeve,knee length dress and veil with white tights and white mary jane shoes.As my punishment from twoo weeks earlier,my parents forced me to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants under my tights for the ceremony and my party!I was so embarrassed,especially being around the other girls and boys and my boyfriend!

  21. I am also submissive to my Dom boyfriend and he recently doled out a very humiliating punishment for smoking cigarettes that I am dreading. I already get ginger figging and enemas for severe infractions (spankings and paddlings for lesser crimes), and he warned me last time if I smoked again I'd get a supervised enema. Meaning he is going to admister the enema and then come into the bathroom with me and stand there and watch as I go. I'm mortified and embarrassed just thinking about it! Has anyone else ever been in this situation? Any thoughts or advice?