Saturday, June 30

Thank You

I wanted to take my chance to thank everyone before signing off and going to bed. I created my blog a striking six days ago, not even a week and my blog now has 1,000 views and counting. I want to publicly thank Bonnie from My Bottom Smarts (you can find the link to her blog in my blog roll, please click on it). I got a big traffic spike after she listed me on her blog roll.

Thank you to my few followers and subscribers. Thanks to everyone who took the chance to read my blog, even if you didn't end up liking it, I appreciate it.

I apologize if I don't get the chance to post everyday. Joseph has given me a lot of errands to run since he's been so busy himself at his job in Dodge Ridge. (Not that I'm complaining at all.) 


  1. Bonnie is the BEST! And now that people know you're here, I am pretty sure you will have many visitors, so keep that coffee pot hot:)


  2. Yeah, she's great :)
    I know, I'm happy I started this blog and that it's being kept in use. Thanks for following!
    I'll definitely keep everyone updated.

  3. Thanks, Ava (and Hermione). It's a pleasure to introduce readers to great new blogs.

    I couldn't find an e-mail address for you, so I'll tell you here. Sure, I'll answer your interview questions. Just send them over.

    BTW, I wouldn't stress over not posting every day. I've seen many brilliant bloggers burn out because they set an unrealistic pace. It's better I think to balance making regular contributions to keep readers coming back with the demands placed upon you by the rest of life. I admit I still occasionally struggle to find the right mix, but recognizing the need for balance is an essential first step toward long term sustainability.


  4. Hi, just checked out your blog/ it looks great/ thanks for starting it. I also wouldn't worry about posting everyday.

  5. Thanks Bonnie and Jean!
    And I guess you're right, I just get so caught up in keeping traffic and pleasing my followers. I do have a few good ideas written down for future posts so I'm prepared in case I get blogger's block.