Wednesday, June 27

Married...With Children

So, there's always the lingering question when it comes to Domestic Discipline marriages: who disciplines the children? Just like everything else, there is no black and white answer. Many Domestic Discipline couples end up having children because they want to raise a family. Should Domestic Discipline be used for the children too? Discipline should always be practiced with children in one way or another, but the choice should be left up to the HOH whether or not to use corporal punishment as he does with his wife.

The name, Head of Household has a lot of meaning behind, and I don't think it should be clouded. As the Head of the Household, the Husband is not only the leader of his wife, but of his family, by proxy, being the HOH. Does that mean he's the only one who sets the rules and punishments for his children? Of course not. Parents have always worked together to raise children, even in the times when Domestic Discipline was popularly well known and practiced. But, in these particular marriages, especially in modern times, the husband employs all forms of corporal punishments. It all depends on the couple if spanking, figging, and other corporal punishments are used or not.

I won't lie, children are one of my weaknesses and I just couldn't imagine giving any child an enema, figging, or mouth soaping, aside from a light spanking. If my fiance were in charge, however, and wanted to use corporal punishment on our children, I would have to give in my full trust as his wife and let him do his job. If other wives in Loving DD marriages want to incoporate spankings and the HOH agrees, I have no problem with it, as long as it works for them. The typical idea these days of a male led relationship though, is usually done with the Husband as the spanker and employer of physical punishments while the wife gives simpler punishments like time outs, grounding, and lost privileges.

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  1. Hi, I know this post is a few months old but I just stumbled upon your blog recently, which I love btw. Just thought I'd share what we do in our home. I am married to a wonder, loving man with whom I have 2 children with. My husband is the HOH across the board. So that means he spanks both me and the kids whenever he feels we need it. Spanking had worked so well within our relationship and marriage before we had kids, we thought why not incorporate it into the rearing of our children? After all spanking has traditionally been used on and geared towards both women and children throughout history, so why end a good thing and obvious effective method of punishment for them? Also as head of house my husband administers all the spankings to to the kids. We feel it's his job as man of he house and leader to be in charge of and carry out his own discipline of his family, wife and kids included. I do dish out smaller punishments such as lecturing or time out, like you mentioned. But mains more mayjor punishments like spanking and grounded are all carried out by him. This dynamic works for us. We do not hide or any away from domestic discipline at all in our house. Domestics discipline is a vital and very crucial element that has greatly benefited our family, and I am great fil and proud of that. Thanks and keep up the great work!