Sunday, June 24

Getting Started

So, I think I'll start this off with a friendly introduction. I'm Ava; creative writer, software programmer, recent college graduate, and fiance to a wonderful man. You might be wondering what drove me to create a Domestic Discipline blog. If religious reasons come to mind, I just want to say I am a highly spiritual person, but definitely not religious. I was raised with open minded parents, both of which freely let me choose my position in faith. I won't dive too deep into my personal beliefs, but I've always been intrigued by the concept of astral projection, the supernatural, the afterlife, paranormal phenomena...

Though I don't necessarily agree with all Christian morals, I am completely accepting of all religions! To be clear, this is not a Christian Domestic Discipline blog, just a loving domestic discipline blog; without any Biblical references. I have thoroughly researched different types of domestic discipline, including Christian DD, and at the core it's very similar to loving domestic discipline, but of course everything has its diversity. The main separation between loving domestic discipline and Christian domestic discipline is the motive of the relationship, and of course the flexibility of the dynamics. Loving domestic discipline can vary its rules, train of thought, and sexual practices while Christian Domestic Discipline is based on just that, the core religion that it branches from. Loving Domestic Discipline, for example, can involve a broad range of deviancy, especially when it comes to the erotic aspect of disciplinary practice. Sodomy and other anal punishments could be used in a non-religious form of DD while it could be seen as offensive and sinful in Christian DD, therefore being counterproductive.

Christian DD and loving DD are not the only forms of domestic discipline in a marriage or committed relationship, as most of you probably know. Being a naturally curious person, Domestic Discipline led me into the darker aspects of its dynamics. The BDSM community is known for Master/slave, Mistress/slave, Dom/Domme/submissive, Daddy/girl, Mommy/boy, and several other variants of a Dominant/submissive relationship. I do find most of it interesting, and can understand some of the desires of fetishistic couples.

But let's not get sidetracked. Again, this blog is strictly geared towards a non religious, heterosexual, Male led Taken in Hand dynamic. If you were looking for something more on the religious side, or even on the darker, "kinkier" side of Domestic Discipline, you've stumbled upon the wrong blog. This has nothing to do with Masters and slaves, Daddies, Mommies, and little girls (although those ideas do appeal to me), or Christian couples. Christian couples, homosexual couples, and sexual deviants are welcome to read by all means, don't get me wrong, but it's simply not intended for those types of audiences.

Phew! Now that I've gotten my long winded introduction out of the way, feel free to read my other posts which are coming soon. If you want me to cover another topic or start a discussion, don't hesitate to comment your thoughts on Domestic Discipline.

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